A Little Help

A Little Help
by AlexandraMPitchford 17th Mar 2013, 5:27 AM

So, normally, I'm the sort of person that detests asking for help. I often feel like I have to shoulder everything myself, as if that's the only way I can prove I'm worth something. But, here's the thing...
The next big step for me, in my transition, is Sexual Reassignment Surgery, or SRS. The problem here is that that costs around 20k, depending on where you go. It would take...a long, long, LONG time if I save on my own, and bankrupting myself is just...not palatable, to me. So, I'm gonna swallow my pride, and ask for help. I've set up a donation page, found at http://www.gofundme.com/2brgx4?pc=fb_cr

I don't expect to get the entire 20k, or even a good portion of it. But...whatever people can offer would be an amazing help. So, if you enjoy the comic, and feel like giving...chip in! Every little bit counts, and I'd be supremely grateful. And, I promise to keep the comic going as long as I can, whether or not I even get a single dollar. I love doing Bitz, and I hope to do it for a while yet. Allie and Lisa have a lot of stories ahead of them, so...stay tuned. And...thanks. Seriously. Whether you decide to donate, or just read this...thank you for taking the time. I love you all <3