A Little Help
by AlexandraMPitchford 17th Mar 2013, 5:27 AM

So, normally, I'm the sort of person that detests asking for help. I often feel like I have to shoulder everything myself, as if that's the only way I can prove I'm worth something. But, here's the thing...
The next big step for me, in my transition, is Sexual Reassignment Surgery, or SRS. The problem here is that that costs around 20k, depending on where you go. It would take...a long, long, LONG time if I save on my own, and bankrupting myself is just...not palatable, to me. So, I'm gonna swallow my pride, and ask for help. I've set up a donation page, found at

I don't expect to get the entire 20k, or even a good portion of it. But...whatever people can offer would be an amazing help. So, if you enjoy the comic, and feel like giving...chip in! Every little bit counts, and I'd be supremely grateful. And, I promise to keep the comic going as long as I can, whether or not I even get a single dollar. I love doing Bitz, and I hope to do it for a while yet. Allie and Lisa have a lot of stories ahead of them, so...stay tuned. And...thanks. Seriously. Whether you decide to donate, or just read this...thank you for taking the time. I love you all <3


by AlexandraMPitchford 30th Nov 2012, 1:38 PM

So, I debated doing something special for the site, since today is my 26th Birthday. But...then I thought about it and realized it was rather silly to do more work today, much as I LOVE doing this comic. guys get a blog post, with me rambling on about it being my birthday!

This one,'s sorta special. Not only is it my 26th birthday, it's also the first birthday I've really had On this day, a year ago, I made a pledge to do something to address the gnawing pain I felt in myself, the dysphoria that had grown into a physical discomfort that I simply couldn't ignore. A year later, and I'm so much happier for it. So...I'm grateful for all I have. My family, my girlfriend, my fans here at Bitz. Thank you, all of you.

Best Wishes,

Alexandra <3

New Things on the Horizon
by AlexandraMPitchford 25th Nov 2012, 12:25 AM

So, I've talked about it here and there lately, but I want to make it official.

Starting January 7th, Bitz will be entering a new format! I've found, in drawing the comic, that the story I really want to tell would be better served by a page format. Strips are fine, of course, and I plan to throw out the occasional one-off strip with no real connection to the main story, but I'm excited for Bitz to enter this new chapter. Literally!

I have thirty strips drawn, enough to cover December and the first week of January, hence the premiere date on the 7th. With the page format comes a chapter-based story, and you can consider these first 30 strips a bit of a prologue that introduces the main two or three characters (don't worry, folks. I don't intend for Jake to be gone forever!). Not sure how long the chapters will be...I suppose however long it takes me to tell each section, so...I hope you enjoy it!


Thanks for reading,


So, Wow
by AlexandraMPitchford 7th Nov 2012, 6:37 PM

Lots of historic things happened last night, I'd say. No matter what side of the line you fall on, politically, I think that was a race that kept everyone guessing. Still, I can't say that I'm too broken up about the results, especially on the state level.

In my lovely home of Washington State, two things happened. Or, at least, seem poised to. We're still counting the ballots, but from the looks of it, both measures will pass...possibly by a tight margin, but still pass.

First, and likely the least important (in my own estimation. Depends on what you like!), Initiative 504 looks poised to pass with 55.44% to 44.56%, legalizing marijuana for recreational use in this state. I have little interest in smoking pot, that one's largely passed under my radar. No, what really has impressed me is the results, so far, of Referendum 74.

If you're not familiar with it, R74 will legalize same-sex marriage in the state of Washington. It would have originally been passed into law by now, had opponents of the measure not gotten enough signatures to put it up to a public vote. And here's where it gets good. Where I'm sitting right now, with admittedly still more votes to be counted (at least in King County, which I can assure you will likely vote for the referendum in the majority. I'd be highly surprised, otherwise), R74 is poised to pass with 51.79%. Not a huge margin vs the 48.21% against, but sit and think about it for a moment...

Five years ago, ten...this could never have happened. But now, it looks like, we've come far enough that people are recognizing, at least in WA, that it's okay to want to marry the person you love, regardless of their gender. And that it will pass with a public vote is historic. That's never been done before, and now, today, it looks like two states have done. The people of these two states, at least enough of them to get the referendum passed, feel that people like me, like my girlfriend, like my closest friends, are people deserving of equal rights as well. The fact that I can, someday in the future, marry my amazing girlfriend and have it be fully recognized by the state (as I figure I'll be back in WA by then! my self-imposed exile to New Mexico is only temporary)...that amazes me, and to see the joy painting the faces of my friends last night when they realized that this would pass...that they could finally legitimize what they've wanted to do for the past six years? That was priceless.

I'm young...younger than they are by a few years, anyway. And I'm new to this, so my excitement wasn't nearly on the same level as theirs. Am I excited? Oh, hell yes. least one of my friends was bouncing off the walls, with how giddy she was. That...that, right there, folks, is progress.

Well done, America. Or, at least, WA.

Now, I know some not-so-awesome things passed, too...Proposition 35 in California, for instance, which under the guise of combating sex-trafficking will be coming down hard on anyone involved in the sex trade, regardless of their circumstances. Wonderful </sarcasm>. So, remember...while there's a lot to celebrate, we also still have a long way to go.

Anyway, that's my little ramble. Cheers, folks


Where's all the stuff!?
by AlexandraMPitchford 24th Oct 2012, 10:04 AM

Hey, folks!

So, all you newcomers may be wondering where everything is. Well, the truth is, I'm still working on getting my big stockpile of strips ready for publication here!

Bitz launches for realsies on Monday, 10/29/12, but I'll have something shiny for you guys to look at before then, I promise (sometime tomorrow, with any luck, but by Friday at the latest)

Till then, stay tuned! And of course, stay shiny.